❓ Generating Questions for Your Podcast Interview

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Generating Questions for Your Podcast Interview

 Complete the following fields:

  • List 10 questions to ask [type of person* during a podcast on [topic].
  • Provide 10 compelling and engaging podcast titles on [topic] for [audience].
  • Write an outline for a podcast script on [topic] and include [relevant topics].
  • What would [audience] like to know about [guest]?
  • Brainstorm 20 questions you might ask a prominent figure in the world of [industry] about [topic].

Indications Open questions:

  • β€œCan you analyze customer feedback and reviews to identify the most frequently asked questions?”
  • β€œHow can I structure the FAQ text so it’s easy for customers to read and navigate?”
  • β€œCan you suggest an introduction that sets the tone for the FAQ and provides context for the Q&A?”
  • β€œHow can I write clear and concise answers to the most common customer questions?”
  • β€œWhat are some strategies for anticipating and answering questions that customers may not know what to do?”
  • β€œHow can I use formatting (such as headings, bullets, and bold text) to make the FAQ section easier to scan and visually appealing?”
  • β€œCan you suggest ways to incorporate branding and personality into the FAQ so that it feels more cohesive with the rest of my website or product?”
  • β€œHow can I make sure the answers in the FAQ are accurate and up to date?”
  • β€œCan you provide examples of well-written FAQs from other companies or websites?”
  • β€œWhat are the best practices for testing and optimizing the FAQ section to make it as useful as possible for customers?”



What would kids like to know about the work of an austronaut?


Kids might like to know that astronauts are responsible for preparing and executing missions in space, conducting experiments, maintaining the spacecraft, and conducting spacewalks. Astronauts also perform maintenance on satellites and telescopes, operate robotic arms, and make repairs to the International Space Station. Astronauts also have the unique privilege of viewing the Earth from space and take part in educational outreach activities to inspire the next generation of space explorers.