🧾 Generating a list of keywords

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Generating a list of keywords

Complete the following fields:

  • Create a keyword strategy and SEO content plan for [keyword]
  • Generates a list of 10 keyword ideas on [topic].
  • Optional: Only suggest keywords that have high volume and low to medium competition.
  • Optional: Group this list of keywords by stages of the conversion funnel, whether they are top, middle, or bottom funnel keywords (based on previous searches).
  • Provides a list of the top 10 blogs that appear in a search for the keyword [keyword]. [Mention URL].
  • Provides a list of relevant topics related to [topic].
  • Provides 10 long-tail keywords related to [topic]. Associate each keyword with one of the 4 types of search intent.



 Create a keyword strategy and SEO content plan for laptops


Keyword Strategy:
1. Long Tail Keywords – Focus on terms such as β€œbest laptops for gaming” or β€œbest laptop in 2020”.
2. Brand Specific Keywords – Focus on brand names such as Dell, HP, Apple, etc.
3. Comparison Keywords – Focus on terms such as β€œlaptop comparison” or β€œMacbook vs PC”.
4. Keyword Research – Research the most popular search terms related to laptops and create content around those terms.
SEO Content Plan:
1. Create content specifically targeting the keywords outlined in the keyword strategy.
2. Optimize content for SEO using keyword-rich titles, meta-descriptions, and headings.
3. Utilize internal linking to create connections between pages on the website.
4. Share content on social media platforms.
5. Leverage influencer marketing by partnering with relevant influencers or bloggers.
6. Monitor website analytics to track keyword rankings and assess the success of the strategy.